Amicus Briefs

The following briefs were authored or co-authored by the Juvenile Sentencing Project as amicus curiae to various courts. 

This amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (in a rehearing en banc) urges the Court to consider legislation enacted in states around the country post-Miller in determining when a sentence is so long that it denies the required meaningful opportunity for release.
Issues: “de facto” life; national legislative reform post-Miller

This amicus brief, written in conjunction with the Juvenile Law Center, ACLU of Michigan, and Attorney Deborah Labelle, urges the Michigan Supreme Court to grant leave to review the state’s parole proceduresin particular, how they deny a meaningful and realistic chance for release to those sentenced to life with parole as children.
Issues: parole procedures; sentencing disparities

This amicus brief, filed in conjunction with the Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth and the Clinical Law Programs of the University of Iowa College of Law, urges the state parole board to use procedures that ensure meaningful hearings for those convicted of crimes occurring when they were children and to ground its release decisions in consideration of maturity and rehabilitation
Issues: parole procedures


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